With decades of experience talk with us in confidence.

1st time property developers AND experienced property developers

Whether you are a novice or experienced property developer we can introduce you to our private financier so we can undertake a project together.

Some advantages of doing a joint venture with us.

  1. Financial Capacity
    If you cannot fund a project due to its size, or if you are undertaking other ventures, it makes sense to bring in another party.
  2. Complexity
    You may need assistance by others with the know how to run/manage the project
  3. Experience
    If you don’t have experience, you will need someone that knows the Critical Path required and the issues that need resolving from the outset.
  4. Industry Contacts
    We have good relationships with quality Professional service providers and Project Consultants that are an important element of a project.
  5. Professionalism
    Before we start together, a Joint Venture Agreement is made between us, so all responsibilities and expectations are outlined.
  6. Resources
    We have the resources/ I.P. of our Independent Development Consultancy helpdevelopmyproperty at hand.



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THE KEY to funding a joint venture project with us – The financier DOES NOT REQUIRE a “cross guarantee”.
A massive advantage!

Funding for developments shared with a joint venture partner

Joint Venture Funding

We have an independent private debt funder. This party is a large land developer with a wealth of experience who understands property development inside and out and has approximately 50 years experience.

He is completing a very significant project-  a land division of over 2000 residential allotments which includes a commercial precinct with major national tenants. The project is the recipient of multiple leading awards.

You will not find funding from a source with this degree of property development knowledge, experience and understanding. With this knowledge and understanding he can realise a projects potential that the typical debt funder is unable to. His experience in both green-field and infill projects is invaluable when assessing your projects potential and profitability.

The key to the funding of a joint venture project with JVPD is that we are NOT REQUIRED to “cross guarantee” each other which is a MASSIVE ADVANTAGE!

 Land Division and investment experience - just what you need

Property Development Management

You cannot buy practical experience!
It is invaluable – and can’t be learnt from text books, DVD’s or online courses!

Eagle Developments P/L was formed in September 1993, this was a “full time” residential Real Estate development business.

The property development climate at this time was completely different especially with regards to interest rates for projects. The focus then as it is now is managing risk, not being “profit greedy”, offering good value with a high level of attention to detail with the end product.

The business concentrated on projects in the city, Eastern suburbs and suburbs that were seen to be under supplied with new housing at the time. Projects were also undertaken on a joint venture basis with like minded people.

Over time the business received approaches regularly (many referred by Real Estate Agents) from people who owned land and wanted to develop for themselves. Many needed help with land division and organising and managing Built Form requirements.

So helpdevelopmyproperty was formed in 2010. helpdevelopmyproperty offers a complete Residential Land Division/Property Development Project Management Service.