Joint Venture Clients

We can undertake joint ventures with anyone with a development site, your development site may be vacant land or improved land, your property may be:

  • a land division project where the land is subdivided and sold off.
  • or a project which involves the construction of residential dwellings.


We work with the mums and dads and families who want to undertake a property development project right through to seasoned professional developers whatever the size or complexity of the project. When it comes to property development companies we are unique, as we use the private equity funds of a private financier for all of our property development finance.

Are You a Mum and Dad or Family Developer?

You may have:

  • inherited a property that has a potentially a higher and better use, or,
  • your residential property which you wish to develop

We will spend time with you to understand exactly what you want to achieve. We find people may wish to develop the site and sell the dwellings, or you may wish to have a brand new dwelling to reside in.  where the optimal solution for you is the latter, JVPD will:

  • pay for the land division and
  • pay for the Construction of your new home (to agreed Specifications).

In consideration for this we keep the second allotment to build on, you get a new home and we get a vacant allotment. Where the Development site suits a multi dwelling project (residential flat building, detached group dwellings etc.) the family may like to live in one of the dwellings themselves, or retain a dwelling for an investment property.

Long Term Wealth

This is a fantastic way to become a Property Investor, as you can develop these properties at “wholesale prices”, and create immediate equity with the retained dwelling(s). A great way to start a property portfolio by undertaking a property development using the experience of JVPD. Our philosophy is to provide flexible Joint Venture Agreements. Our agreements clearly set out all our agreed expectations.

Readily Available Venture Capital

You may not have a lot of private equity, so you will appreciate the opportunity to obtain venture capital from a private financier, without having to enter into any Cross Guarantees.

Are You a Professional Property Investor?

Property Investment groups approach us more and more. Consortiums, real estate investment trusts, and similar investors that, rather than purchase property through the traditional real estate investment companies, wish to find an alternative opportunity which suits their investment criteria. By doing this they become the real estate developer as well as property investors eliminating the “middle man”. These groups know that real estate investing via good quality housing developments is an excellent long term investment opportunity.

Are You a Professional Service Provider Acting for Clients?

We also work with professionals: Consultants, Accountants, Financial Planners, Lawyers who act on behalf of their clients. We can assist you to achieve the outcome your clients seek with the benefit of a joint venture property development. We can build a brand new home for your client at no (or very little cost) or undertake a Property Development as a commercial venture and to realise as much profit as possible.

Are You a Real Estate Agent?

We work a lot with Real Estate Agents. The opportunity exists in a Joint Venture to sell an entire project i.e. multiple dwellings rather than just selling one property. We also keep the Agent and client fully informed at key project milestones:

  1. Council lodgement for Development Plan Consent (DPC) and Land Division approval,
  2. land division approval,
  3. engagement of builder,
  4. when footing poured,
  5. when second fix construction stage is complete,
  6. when handover has been effected with builder.

Are You a Small or Large Professional Property Developer?

We have undertaken both land divisions (subdividing land only) and built form projects with other professional Real Estate Developers that have been looking for a joint venture company.

Fully Committed but Still Seeking Profits?

Developers may find they are at capacity with regards to the projects that they are undertaking. Developers may be fully geared and a project may come across their desk which they can’t currently finance themselves. Rather than pass up an opportunity we can jointly fund, so profits can still be realised.

Complex Development Projects

A project may be complex. We can provide the experience, time, personnel resources and can share the management responsibilities of the projects to ensure the development project is completed to the highest standards; and run to required time frames and with close attention to detail.