With any joint venture we have the following expectations with our projects

  • To ensure that a MOU and/or a J/V agreement has been made and agreed to by all J/V Stakeholders, so that there are no false expectations pertaining to the project generally, including areas of responsibility.
  • From a risk management perspective, that if faced with unforeseen or a extraordinary change in economic/market conditions, that an “exit strategy” is in place if required.
  • Where possible, we aim to generally retail the “end product” below the average sale price (for the last 12 months), for comparable “new product” in that locality.
  • (With Built Form Projects) We will strive to have our dwellings built to a specification, which is over and above the industry standard, that a prospective Purchaser would expect in that price range.
  • All stakeholders adopt a time is of the essence approach to the project at all times in the interest of mitigating “holding costs”, and act in the best interest of the project and that of the Joint Venture at all times.
  • To only engage required Consultants/Professional Service Providers that display a high level of attention to detail, and importantly undertake to turn our work around in an agreed time frame.
  • (With Built Form Projects) To only work with a panel of Builders that provide flexibility with selections, and including the supply of any items etc. from the J/V. Site access is to be given during construction for ourselves, and for those of our Trades/Suppliers (if applicable); and for that of our Sales Agents (if required). They must also share our passion for a quality Build/Finish and adhere to all relevant Codes and Australian Standards. We will only work with Builder’s that will complete to our Specifications re external works.
  • To ensure that a high level of attention to detail is achieved with our projects, and that the final product is presented to the market as professionally externally as it is internally.
  • To market projects online pre Construction commencement, and following second fix/cabinetry works to sell as much product as possible “off plan” and prior to build P.C./Handover.
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