What We Offer

Joint Venture Property Development (JVPD) has been formed to allow both the novice (or even first timer) to the very experienced property developer , to “partner” with us on any residential real estate development(s) or project(s).

IMPORTANTLY, how can we add value to any joint venture? What do we bring to the table?


Perhaps the key to what we are able to offer any joint venture is in respect to the potential funding arrangement that we have access to – and the STRUCTURE OF SUCH. What we have available from this private debt provider is extremely UNIQUE, and offers commercial upside and PEACE OF MIND for all parties; please also refer to the Joint Venture Funding tab

We also have extensive Residential Real Estate development experience and knowledge, from undertaking our own projects and those of Client’s, spanning over some twenty years.

Then of course there’s the Intellectual Property and Resources of our independent Project Management/Development Consultancy business helpdevelopmyproperty.


Talk to Us about Real Estate Development

Do you have a development site now?

Are you undertaking due diligence currently on a development project?

You may want to develop the land that you are currently residing on.

You may own land and want us to pay for the infrastructure and dwellings? We understand that not everyone has the same comfort level with debt – So we can discuss this. Profits can be ‘split’ pro-rata based on our costs.

If you are wanting to do a residential real estate development with someone that can ADD REAL VALUE – CALL US.


P: (08) 8431 4888 | M: 0437 700 888 | E:  developproperty888@gmail.com

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